TITE is here to bring you comfort and style.

TITE was founded by professionalish snowboarder deadlung and designer/artist Dave Doman aka the davester out of Salt Lake City, Utah. They have over a decade of creating TITE things together. From starting the slc based SFK! movement with the homie videos they made, to board graphics, and now designing super TITE belts and other items. After all this time they are finally ready to bring some serious flavor to everyone’s life.

TITE is here to complete you’re kit, you can finally be fresh from head to toe with our highly functional and fashionable designs.

Our main focus is making quality elastic belts. We have found that nothing compares to the function and comfort of an elastic belt, we also found that the majority of peoples’ belt game is hurting. You can’t hide that belt forever.

We also have top quality softgoods and accessories to offer. No matter who you are or what you do, we think we have something that you will enjoy!
Remember to keep everything in your life TITE!


Hit us up at sales@titebelts.com 



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